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Haircut Don't Need Any Hardcore Punk Boys Clubs

Esta banda de punk de Charlottesville, Virginia prepara nuevo disco de pura confrontación y hardcore mordelón.
Imagen vía BandCamp

"I don't need your boys club, I'll do just fine on my own", snarls Juliana Viana on "Boys Club", a new track from inspiring hardcore punk band Haircut.

The four-piece, formerly from Charlottesville but now based in the Virginia capital, Richmond, are an outspoken and speedy outfit that play with a stinging fury. Led by Viana's fierce vocals, in the past the band have written songs that address issues of consent, exploited labour and patriotism.


Following a couple of demos they are set to release Shutting Down, a new five-track EP that will be available later this year through the great Richmond label Feel It. Feel It are donating 20% of sales from their catalogue through the end of August to those injured ini the Neo-nazi attacks that took place in Charlottesville on August 12.

From Charlottesville to Sydney and London, aggressive and confronting punk rock is as important now than it has ever been.

'Shutting Down' will be available later this year through Feel It.

Image: BandCamp

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