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Remember When Donald Trump Endorsed Eminem for President?

Obvio no te acuerdas porque el 2004 fue un sueño que decidiste olvidar.

ICYMI – realistically you didn't – Eminem unloaded an epic-length freestyle​ that sounds like your cousin ranting over a busted AC unit. That, or a rejected Death Grips song. In any case, the briefest hints of political content in "Campaign Speech" has a couple of Eminem fans wondering if he can make himself relevant again by combatting Donald Trump. Time will tell, but let's go back to the past to discover that the two were once political allies.


Okay, not exactly political. The video below shows Trump introducing Eminem at the 2004 Shady National Convention, a TRL-era relic of a media event where Eminem ran for fake president to promote Encore or something like that. It's nothing short of disturbing in 2016 to hear Trump scream "I'm Donald Trump, I'm always right!" to a crowd of cheering fans, although Eminem's speech isn't too dissimilar from Trump's appearances this year. Does that mean Trump was Giuliani to Em's Donald? Perhaps. Is this comparison a reach? Definitely. Watch Trump's endorsement of the Slim Shady administration below.