Panda to Sochi: Tag 16


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Panda to Sochi: Tag 16

The Russian Riviera is exactly what we thought it will look like. We were welcomed by palm trees and the smell of the Black Sea coast. Russia is showing us a new face, far away of a fat vodka-nose!

Almost one hundred hours of driving time and suddenly the Russian Riviera is smiling at us. When we talk about the so-called Russian Riviera, we are talking about our roadtrip amniotic sac, which is exploding. The arrival in Loo is the moment shortly before the final goal of the #PandatoSochi trip. It smells like black sea spirit here.

The overdose of plus degrees, green trees and colors in general is something we weren‘t used to anymore. The noise of a train passing by felt like new to me. We have been to so many different places and cultures and our mind is a little bit disorientated. We had to go through our personal cold war so to say. This made us so much stronger and it is not over yet. Only the coldness is over. We are right now in Loo, tomorrow we will be dancing in Sochi!


Dima Sartor will not make it to Sochi with us. He wanted me to tell everyone that he is commenting the upcoming events for Italian TV. But in reality, he is about to found a wine startup in Loo. That‘s why he travelled with us. His dream is to build a wine restaurant looking like a camel and selling typical vino rosso. It seems like that he is not quite aware of the famous wine of the black sea caucasus region. Anyhow we had to say goodbye to his blue wine lips and wish him at least one GaulMillau nomination!

Meanwhile, Stefan and me are hitting the luxury life of the Black Sea coast! Russia is showing us a completely new face, this time without a fat vodka nose … See you tomorrow at the pearl of sochi with Caviar, Sex and Panda!