Cu Panda la Soci: ziua 7


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Cu Panda la Soci: ziua 7

Când am plecat din Budapesta, orașul plin de taximetriști corupți, am găsit un loc mișto pentru Stefan, să se dea cu BMX-ul. Apoi am continuat drumul spre România. Salut Sibiu, salut Transilvania!

We all had a crush on Budapest and the eyes of Miss KK. However it was time to keep on track, to stay on the route to Sochi. When we left Budapest, the city full of corrupt cab-drivers, we found a dirty BMX-Spot to ride on for Stefan. After that session we continued our drive to Romania. We where still feeling the austrian border too close. As long as the people still speak german, we are not far enough in the east.


Actually the idea of going to the east and loosing german is wrong, because Sibiu is a very germanised city, also called „Hermannstadt“. However, our Navigationsystem didn‘t get the name of our hotel, so we had to follow a paid taxi driver, to guide us to our hotel. (Sorry Miss KK, I trusted the taxi-driver)

There is a lot of snow in the city and the dusty streetlaterns are lightning up the mini-skirts ladies of Sibiu. I just came up with the idea that we start to count mini-skirts, I think the east will appreciate it. In Turin the boys and me where counting Fiat cars as a drive-entertainment-program.

Since today we are in a snowy surrounding and I regret that I didn‘t bring my snowball-sling with me.

Anyhow: Hello Sibiu, Hello Transylvania. Now we are one hour up front and closer to Dracula!

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