Skateri adevăraţi

  • Eric Dressen, pionierul street skateing-ului

    Odată ajuns în echipa Dogtown, s-a transformat într-un skateboard monster.

  • Cel mai tare street skater ever

    Toţi ceilalţi skateri sunt apreciaţi în comparaţie cu el.

  • Menace

    In part 3 of the Menace series we're featuring the youngest member of the OG Menace team, Javier Nunez. Javier has been getting coverage since he started skating and is pretty much loved by everyone he knows. Every time we asked people for footage or...

  • Menace

    A meet and greet with all of your urban skateboard heroes from the early 90s. Some of these guys have been serving eight-year bids in maximum-security prisons, while others are dedicated family men.

  • Menace

    Part 2 of the Menace series has some good shit in it. First up, Billy goes over a little history of himself, and it includes some unseen footage of he and Joey Suriel from a Powell part that never came out. Next is talk of the Menace heyday when one...

  • Trailer: Menace

    We're finally going to start putting out the Menace episodes.