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Vote Tempa T for London Mayor!

East London grime MC launches manifesto on Billionaires' Row.

Soon, London will have to decide who its Mayor will be for the next four years. If it was left up to the stuffy political elite, Londoners would only have the uninspiring choices of the incumbent

"bendy bus"

Boris, "congestion charge" Ken,


Carlos Cortiglia and "friend of sad guitarist

Brian May"

Jenny Jones.

All told, it's a pretty depressing set of choices, but don't fear 'cos one man's riding to the rescue of this once-great city with a view to leading it back to greatness. His name? Tempa T, aka "London's next Mayor".

Noisey will be revealing the main tenets of Tempa's manifesto every week in the lead up to the election on the 3rd of May. In this first instalment (above and here), Tempz visits Bishops Avenue – aka "Billionaires' Row" – and lays out exactly what's wrong with property prices in the UK's capital. And remember, if you want a brighter future, #VoteTempaT on Twitter and Google+.

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