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Hey Nerds, Paul McCartney's New Hologram Video Is Set Inside of a Video Game (#GamerGate)

Watch the video for "Hope for the Future," set in the world of 'Destiny.'

Unless you are a huge fucking nerd, you probably didn't know that Paul McCartney made a new song this year about the future because said song, "Hope for the Future," was specifically made for the video game Destiny. This was a pretty hip move on the Crazy P Man's part because back when he was in the Beatles, they didn't even have videos, let alone video games, let alone the Xbox One or Playstation Four, two excellent next-generation consoles for the real gamers out there (#gamerlife).


Anyway, if you've ever wondered what the Beatles would be like but modarn, "Hope for the Future" is your answer. And more specifically, the video for "Hope for the Future" is your answer, since it's basically like Help (the movie) except with space tanks instead of regular tanks. By space tanks, I mean spaceships. Also, Paul McCartney is a hologram. I imagine that if you are familiar with the fictional world of Destinytown, which I assume is the name of the planet on which Destiny the game takes place, and its revolving moons Ringo and George, this video would mean a lot more to you, as you watch the guys from Halo sit down in a circle and listen to Paul McCartney sing about the future. If you are not familiar with the video game, well, here is what Paul McCartney looks like as a space hologram, which, now that I think about it, should definitely be an unlockable character:

Imagine, you and Paul—or rather, you as Paul—traveling the galaxy, making friends with chill robots and the people from Avatar, sipping space martinis as you hang out around some dope space ruins. Wait, you don't even have to imagine:

Damn, it's like the movie Wall-E but IRL. But that's not all. It's also like the movie Cars, in that there are space cars (spaceships).

It's also kind of like a rap video with Paul right next to a big digital space chasm. Got space goin' up…

Man, space is cool as shit. Here is Paul McCartney serenading his space friends. Turn up.

"Hope for the Future" is now out as a single, and supposedly there are also four remixes of it, which I assume are all dubstep remixes, because dubstep is what they listen to in the future and on other planets and in video game forums. Wired premiered the video, and it's available there exclusively until this afternoon. Check it out over there or watch below (after 1 PM):

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