Facebook Riot Party!


This story is over 5 years old.


Facebook Riot Party!

Photos of people losing it at that Dutch party that got out of control.

You know back in the mid-00s when a bunch of people advertised their house parties on Facebook and MySpace, and thousands of drunk teenagers turned up fighting, fucking and vomiting everywhere? Yeah, that's still happening. As you're probably aware by now, either because the media loves stories like these or because you were actually there, a girl from the Dutch town of Haren saw her 16th birthday party turn into a riot this Friday just gone. More than 23,000 people RSVP'd on Facebook, of which three to five thousand (depending on who you believe) actually turned up to throw glass bottles and rocks, smash shop windows and cars, and generally just scare the shit out of the residents of this quiet suburban neighbourhood who thought they'd left this chaos behind in the city. Not that we're complaining on their behalf, because we have a bunch of great pictures from the night. Laugh at them now before you get old and start using things like this as evidence that the world is a far worse place than it's ever been before.