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David Hasselhoff Has (Officially?) Changed His Name to 'David Hoff'(?)

He's got a big novelty certificate to prove it.

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David Hasselhoff, the 63-year-old actor and singer sometimes called "The Hoff" claims he has officially changed his name to "David Hoff" for some reason.

You may remember Hoff from the legendary TV shows Knight Rider and Baywatch if you're over 25. Otherwise you probably know him as a leering reality TV personality, and occasionally as a star of tongue-in-cheek TV movies. He also ended the Cold War.

Celebrities at Hoff's approximate level of fame often make headlines by switching from a name to something bizarre like "Metta World Peace" or an unpronounceable symbol. Instead of doing that, it seems Hoff has essentially just etched his nickname in stone, making it so that even his detractors have to talk about him affectionately.

In his YouTube announcement, Hoff holds up a great big novelty "Certificate of Name Change," but it's not clear where one gets such a certificate, other than a prop shop. Also, Hoff has plenty of work to promote right now, so if tomorrow he says "Just kidding! Watch Sharknado 3," don't say we didn't warn you.

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