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Kenya's 'Little Mogadishu'

Terrorist group al Shabaab have turned the area into a police state.

After the terrorist organisation al Shabaab claimed responsibility for the horrific attack on the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, in September 2013 – which left 67 dead – attention has focused on the neighbourhood of Eastleigh. Also known as "Little Mogadishu", the Nairobi community is known for being the home to many Somali immigrants in Kenya – and is the nest of al Shabaab.

It's common knowledge that al Shabaab has been running youth recruitment in "Little Mogadishu" since 2009, which has in turn spiralled the area into a police state where no one feels safe.

VICE News headed to Nairobi to look at the lives of the residents of "Little Mogadishu", who are now fighting to resolve the dire state they live in.