On the Run

Uganda's infamous anti-gay law forced hundreds of LGBT people to flee to Kenya, a country nearly as inhospitable as their home. What can the UN do to protect them?


How a Man Named Dr Crocodilio Brought Sex Toys to Kenya

In a country where pornography is illegal and obscenity is closely monitored, Peter Karanja, AKA Dr Crocodilio, saw a business opportunity.


Why Is the Venice Biennale's Kenyan Pavilion Exhibiting the Work of Chinese Artists?

There's only one Kenyan artist, Yvonne Brandle-Amolo, at the exhibition. The rest of the names at the pavilion belong to a number of artists from China, plus the Italian Armando Tanzini.


Stefano De Luigi's Shocking Photographs of Drought in Kenya

"A strong animal like an elephant could be reduced to the status of a dry fruit, completely emptied, which is an image that I carry inside forever."


The New Movie 'Stories of Our Lives' Dispels the Myths Fueling Kenya's Homophobia

The Nairobi-based arts collective the Nest created an anthology of short films that was recently shown at the Toronto International Film Festival.


It’s Time to Learn About the Female Prostate

Or, how to type something into an internet search bar.


Kenyan Tribes Are Fighting Over Cows with Kalashnikovs

The recent discovery of a load of crude oil is causing a bloody battle for land and resources.


Rich Kenyans Are Injecting Themselves with Black Market Creams to Become White

“You must only use a small amount, otherwise you can become albino.”


WikiLeaks Might Cause a Shitstorm This Week

They know the name of a volatile country that the NSA is spying on.


Kenya's 'Little Mogadishu'

Terrorist group al Shabaab have turned the area into a police state.


The Mob Justice of Kenya's Somali Stop-and-Frisk

There's no end in sight.


The Race to Save Elephants Being Wiped Out by Jihadists

Rangers at the Lewa conservancy are battling terrorist militias to save their wildlife.