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James Franco Recorded A Weird Justin Bieber Parody

Reason #1261965943 to hate / love James Franco.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

James Franco is THAT guy. You know, the one from school who excelled in everything, reducing your own achievements to mere Comic Sans small print against his bold brushstrokes of brilliance. But, no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t hate on him. He was just too beautiful. Plus, he was a great connoisseur of hair conditioner.

James Franco can do anything. He can act, he can produce, he can direct, blah blah blah, he attended an Ivy League school, blah blah, he played the Green Goblin. Basically, if something exists, James Franco has done it. He was born for the sole purpose of making the male race feel inadequate. How can we compete against those cheekbones?


We can't.

However, we can continue to closet crush over him. And here’s another reason to continue loving/hating JF – he’s just recorded a Justin Bieber parody video.

The video was reportedly uploaded and then swiftly removed. But the internet, being the internet, made a copy and re-uploaded it.

I’d like to believe this is one of Franco’s home videos, accidently uploaded as a public video and quickly switched to private. It’s certainly too strange to be some kind of marketing stunt. But, then again, Franco is kind of a weirdp. I'd quite like to hang out with him you know, he'd be like a little puppy. I'd have to tickle him behiend the ears and consistently tell him how great he is to keep him smiling. Afterwards, we could talk in different accents, spend hours looking at paintings in books and watch Freaks and Geeks re-runs.

More importantly though - CONSPIRACY ALERT - are Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake and James Franco all reincarnations of the same person? Because they're all out of this world. <3< p="">

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