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Holy Shit

Chance the Rapper Hates Vegetables, Festivals, the Government, and You in "No Better Blues"

What a lovely day! Or not?

Photo via Chance the Rapper on Instagram

Chance the Rapper's only proper song post-Acid Rap has been a cover of the Arthur theme song, so the promise of new music seems like the best thing in the world! How exciting! How fun! How happy! It might be just the time to have hope and take joy in the power of creative artists and order up a milkshake and go drink it in the sun to think about how great the world is! Good ol' positive Chance the Rapper is back, baby!

The song is called "No Better Blues," and it's about, uh, well it's pretty much just Chance the Rapper saying that he hates hope and milkshakes and the sun and the whole world. A partial list of other things he says he hates: artists, creatives, bright people, rain, clouds, TV, dinner, couch, car, bus, road, pancakes, inflation, war, the poor, news, lovers, optimistic smirks on the face of children, great concerts, festivals, money, change, the government, people who deface government buildings, carrots, peas, asparagus, virtually all vegetables, racists, white people, and you.

Does Chance the Rapper actually hate all these things? He also says he hates his wife and his kids despite not being married and not having kids, so maybe Chance the Rapper is throwing every possible thing you could possibly write a blues song about out there and tearing down the idea of cynicism as a whole. Maybe he is being incredibly cynical, although that is not really what Chance the Rapper is all about. Maybe he is being incredibly smart! It's art, and it's open to interpretation. Although money is definitely super wack. Anyway, courtesy of Chance and the Social Experiment—which here includes Donnie Trumpet, Petter Cottontale, and Nate Fox—here is "No Better Blues":