A Brief History of Getting So Wasted You Forget You Created Important Pop Culture

When you're loaded, you can forget entire nights, weekends, novels you've written, and seasons of television you've starred in.
Mike Pearl

How Video Games Could Benefit from Hurting Us More

Gaming representations of physical and mental suffering are regularly reductive. But by really making us hurt, these experiences could become unnerving and exciting.
Ed Smith

The Strange Case of the American Tennis Pro Who Forgot English One Day and Thought He Was Swedish

The troubled life and mysterious death of a man named Michael Boatwright.
Mike Pearl
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Woman Who Wakes Up Each Day Believing It's October 15, 2014 Is 'Fit to Work'

Nikki Pegram doesn't remember anything that happened in the past year, but has been denied disability payments because she was able to walk 200 meters and speak without prompting.
Arielle Pardes

The Woman Who Woke Up in the Future

Naomi Jacobs went to bed a 32-year-old woman and woke up believing she was a teenager again. After temporarily losing 17 years of memories from a rare form of amnesia, Jacobs wrote a memoir about piecing her life back together.
Arielle Pardes
VICE vs Video games

The Dos and Don’ts of Making a Horror Video Game

I talked to the creator of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and the new SOMA about how to make gamers piss their pants.
Matt Porter
VICE vs Video games

Get Ready to Soil Yourself

The next wave of horror games will scare you shitless.
Mike Diver

The Man with the 30-Second Memory

An interview with the brain doctor who worked with Henry Molaison for 46 years.
James Baines