Monthly Horoscope: Cancer, May 2022

Welcome to Taurus season, dear Cancer!

The sun in Taurus lights up the friendship sector of your chart, and you may notice your social sphere expanding at this time. You could be connecting with people who share your goals, passions, and hobbies, and it’s a powerful moment to team up with people to create change in the world!

The sun in Taurus highlights the intellectual connection you share with your partners in love, friendship, and business, and deep bonds can be forged as Venus in Pisces connects with Pluto in Capricorn on May 1. A profound conversation may take place! Reward and recognition could arrive as Venus enters Aries on May 2: You’re feeling especially popular at this time, and good energy flows in your career. 


One of the most creative days this month is May 3, when lucky Jupiter in Pisces connects with Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is the planet of transformation, and Jupiter of expansion: As they make a harmonious connection, phenomenal changes can take place, and you may notice this play out in your relationships. You could learn something or have a conversation that has a profound impact on how you think about things. A journey or lesson can inspire you on a deep level. Action planet Mars in Pisces connects with Uranus in Taurus on May 4, which may bring unexpected adventure! This is an exciting time for experimentation, discovery, and sharing ideas. 

Chance meetings can take place as the sun meets Uranus on May 5. An inspiring innovation or upgrade may arrive, and this is also a powerful time to get in touch with who you are and to embrace all the ways you are unique, dear Cancer! Mercury in Gemini connects with Venus on May 6, inspiring an easygoing and creative atmosphere, and the sun connects with Mars on May 7, bringing a hugely productive energy and possibly finding you embarking on an exciting journey. If you’re working on a project at school or publishing something, great strides may be made! 

However, it might be time to slow down on May 10 as Mercury begins its retrograde in Gemini: Prioritize catching up on rest. Mercury retrograde is famous for delays and miscommunications, but perhaps it would be wise to lean into this energy and simply turn off your notifications! Astrologers advise against traveling, signing contracts, or making big purchases since Mercury retrograde is a forgetful, disorganized period—but revisiting a place, plan, or person may be alright as Mercury retrograde calls us to revisit the past. You may run into old friends at this time or find yourself revisiting an idea you had completely forgotten about.


Also on May 10, Jupiter enters Aries, activating the sector of your chart that rules your career and reputation! Jupiter is the planet of good luck and opportunity, so exciting opportunities, reward, and recognition may be on the way… If you’re seeking fame, Jupiter in Aries could help you find it. You’re feeling quite serious about achieving your dreams as the sun squares off with Saturn in Aquarius on May 15: You may be reconsidering how to organize your resources in order to accomplish your goals. If you’re feeling unsure about what you want to achieve, the atmosphere may feel quite gloomy: Reflect instead on what you don’t want to do. Saturn loves it when we make time to get clear on our boundaries!  Also on this day, the sun connects with Neptune in Pisces, which may find you having a meaningful conversation or connecting with someone you find inspiring.

The lunar eclipse in fellow water sign Scorpio takes place on May 16, bringing a tremendous climax to a situation that’s been brewing in your love life! You and a crush may take things to the next level, or you and an established partner could reignite your flame or connect on a profound level. It’s a powerful eclipse for intimacy and creativity: A creative project you’ve been working on may be released, or a creative urge you have could be expressed. Eclipses are emotional and can be quite tiring, but this one might also find you eager to let loose, party, dance, and celebrate life! 


Mars and Neptune meet on May 18: Carve out time to rest and indulge in an escape from your everyday routine. Be mindful about lies, laziness, and jumping to conclusions; bickering may take place, and people might feel especially sensitive. May 19 finds the sun connecting with power planet Pluto, and you’re making a powerful alliance or connecting with someone with prestige or influence. A transformative feeling flows in your relationships, and a shift in communication or connection may take place. Also on May 19, Mercury retrograde connects with Jupiter, inspiring flexibility and open-mindedness, but it might be a better time for doing research rather than making agreements.

The sun enters Gemini on May 20, encouraging you to slow down. Take a break from work, if you can, and carve out some quality time with yourself. Catch up on sleep, and make time to journal about your dreams, connect with your inner voice, and meditate. A breakthrough can take place as the sun meets Mercury retrograde on May 21: You may not be able to find the words to describe your experience, but you may may feel liberated in some way! Mars mingles with Pluto on May 22, inspiring courage and perhaps finding you implementing important changes in your relationships. Letting go is a big theme at this time, but warrior Mars and power planet Pluto’s harmonious connection can give you the confidence and courage you need to let things go! Mercury also retrograde reenters Taurus on this day, which might find you running into old friends. 

May 23 finds the sun connecting with Jupiter, putting folks in an optimistic and expansive mood, and you, dear Cancer, are creatively inspired at work, exploring new ways to expand your reach. Also on May 23, Mercury retrograde connects with action planet Mars, which might mean there’s a business in the air, and while we’d like things to speed along quickly, Mercury retrograde means it’s time to slow down! This is a solid time to double check, re-do, or rework something, rather than pushing ahead. Venus and Saturn connect on May 24, inspiring a supportive and focused atmosphere, and Mars enters Aries, bringing you energy to tackle professional goals. Cancers are famously cautious, but with Mars in Aries, you could gain a reputation for being direct! 

You may find yourself thinking back to April 28 when Mercury retrograde reconnects with Pluto on May 25: Research that took place back then may come in handy now, or new information might surface. Venus squares off with Pluto on May 27, bringing an intense turning point in your relationships. Themes like trust, envy, and greed might be addressed. If you have a partner who doesn’t support or understand your career, this may be a turning point in your relationship with them; perhaps invite an unbiased third party to help meditate things. But in other relationships, ones that are supportive and healthy, this could just be an intense moment of passion!

Venus enters Taurus on May 28, activating the friendship sector of your chart: If there’s a group or community you have felt shy about joining, this is a lovely moment to introduce yourself. You’re feeling especially popular at this time! Mars and Jupiter meet on May 29, marking the beginning of an exciting new cycle in your career where you fearlessly go after your dreams: A new goal comes into view and you are eager to achieve it. But, first: rest! The new moon in Gemini takes place on May 30, calling you to reconnect with your inner voice. This is a lovely new moon for journaling, meditation, connecting with your spiritual practice, exploring the symbols that show up in your dreams, and simply taking a break.

Good luck this month, Cancer, and see you in June!


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