I Tried the Viral TikTok 'Pink Stuff' and the Results Were Oddly Satisfying

From eradicating grimy grout to wiping out ancient oven sludge, the internet-famous paste (actually) makes me enjoy cleaning.

Cleaning TikTok, to me, serves a similar purpose as pimple-popping videos do for others: scratching an itch in my brain that can only be reached by witnessing the purging of filth, grime, and gunk. (Although, truth be told, I also love seeing a satisfying zit squeeze from time to time). And if you’re in the depths of cleaning TikTok with me, then you’ve almost definitely seen the infamous “Pink Stuff”—a.k.a. the Miracle Cleaning Paste from Stardrops. It is pretty much just what it sounds like: a pink paste you can smear on pretty much any surface that needs a bath and scrub off to amazing, sparkling-clean results. I won’t lie, I’ve wasted an embarrassing amount of time watching compilations of various TikTokers using this stuff, and the process is so satisfying it’s almost orgasmic every time—and apparently, millions of others are right there with me.

So, other than its efficacy, what’s so special about this stuff? According to TikTok cleaning experts, there’s a laundry list of reasons to switch from that generic all-purpose cleaner you got at the dollar store. “Unlike other cleaning products, the Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste doesn't rely on a lot of harsh chemicals to get the job done, the product’s about page reads. “No unpleasant chemical fumes or residue. Created from a non-toxic formula, the Pink Stuff is safe to use around your family and pets.” It’s also vegan and cruelty-free, and comes in fully recyclable packaging, which lands it a spot on the nice list for sure. Despite its recent rise to viral status on TikTok, this British product has actually been around since 1938.

Miracle All-Purpose Cleaning Paste

$9.99$5.97 at Amazon

Let’s cut to October 2022, when I moved into my now-roommate’s apartment. At first, our oven would smoke up and set off the fire alarm every single time I used it, even though nothing was burning—a major inconvenience for two college girls trying to dine on a budget. Upon further inspection, I discovered the source of the problem: a small pool of black, tar-like oven sludge that almost looked like it was breathing. I knew this was my chance to finally try out the Pink Stuff scrub and decide once and for all whether it really was worth the hype.

I immediately hopped on Amazon and found that the Pink Stuff isn’t just popular on Tiktok; it has a 4.5-star average rating from over 2,400 reviews. I opted for a pack which included two tubs of the Miracle Cleaning Paste and a bottle of the brand’s Multipurpose Cleaning Spray (two-day Prime shipping comes in very handy for cleaning emergencies).

3-Pack Bundle

$23.74 at Amazon

The first thing I noticed upon opening the tub of paste was the scent, which was surprisingly pleasant. I’m not sure what I was expecting—probably the whiff of noxious chemicals that you get with most store-bought cleaning solutions— but it was definitely not the subtly fresh and fruity smell that wafted up around me. It’s one of my favorite things about the Pink Stuff (aside from the almost magical cleaning powers it holds, but we’ll get to that) because if there’s one thing I hate, it’s actively feeling my brain cells dying from inhaling fumes from other strong cleaning agents out there—I’ve nearly passed out trying to bleach my shower before, so this was a major improvement. 

Equipped with only a sponge, hot sink water, and a palm-sized dollop of the paste, I scrubbed my little heart out and was disgusted, delighted, and completely shook by the results. All I did was scoop a little out onto the damp sponge and scrubbed in small circular motions, and wiped it away to reveal a sparkling-clean oven floor. Not only did the Pink Stuff clear out the scary black tar, but it also 86’d all the other seemingly ancient stains in my oven, as well as the grease on my stovetop and the water stains on my faucets with relative ease—and it only took me 30 minutes to take my entire kitchen from “biohazardous” to “sparkling clean.” My roommate was impressed, too, as the sludge had been there since before she moved in.

I wouldn’t say my oven looks exactly brand new, but it’s definitely approaching spotless, and no longer sets off the alarm when in use (except for when we actually burn things). Who would have thought this forbidden bubble-gum-esque paste would prove to be so powerful?  Since being reborn through the cleansing power of the Pink Stuff, I’ve evangelized the product to everyone who’ll listen—well, mainly my roommate and my sister, who are both clean freaks like me. Not to mention, this stuff is super affordable for those balling on a budget (like myself).

My TL;DR: I officially deem this TikTok phenomenon worthy of all the hype and beyond, and I look forward to trying out the rest of the Pink Stuff line. It works amazingly well in both the kitchen and the bathroom, or really on any mess around the house with minimal effort—just be sure to read the instructions for proper usage. I would recommend getting yourself a Scrub Daddy (or Mommy) for some extra oomph on those especially tough stains.

So go ahead, scoop up some goop, and get cleaning!

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