Anti-Vaxxers Tried to Storm the BBC. They Got the Wrong Building.

Anti-vaccine passport protesters tried to gain access to a building that the BBC left in 2013, and now mainly houses luxury flats and light entertainment TV studios.

09 August 2021, 4:10pm

Anti-vaccine passport protesters clashed with police as they tried to storm a London television studio that is mostly used to make daytime TV shows.

Footage circulated on social media showed shoving between protesters and a line of police officers who are guarding an entrance to a studio at the Television Centre in White City, West London. Up until 2013 it was the headquarters of the BBC. A bottle was thrown at one officer, whose hat was knocked off in scuffles with protesters. Officers drew batons as they attempted to control the crowd, as many protesters filmed scenes on their phones.

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The government has rejected plans to introduce vaccine passports for sports matches and concerts. But in a bid to increase vaccine uptake among young people, from the end of September, vaccine passports will be required to go to a nightclub.

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While Television Centre was once the BBC HQ, it is now mainly used to make light entertainment TV shows and also includes flats, raising the question of why protesters targeted it.

A spokesperson for London’s Metropolitan Police said: “We are aware of a group of demonstrators who, having set off from Shepherds Bush Green shortly after 13:00hrs, are now gathered outside a commercial premises in Wood Lane, White City.

“There have been no arrests but officers are in attendance and will continue to monitor the situation.”

A spokesperson for the BBC said, “We don't comment on security matters”.


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