This Fancy AF Face Cream Was Invented by Stem Cell Doctor Augustinus Bader

Celebs, derms, and online skincare forums are losing their mind over these cult-fave face creams made by a leading stem cell researcher.

I remember when the Augustinus Bader brand arrived on the skincare scene. It was a few years ago, and Dr. Bader himself, the accomplished biomedical scientist turned skincare brand founder, hopped on a call with me for an interview for one of New York City’s (now defunct) high-fashion retail behemoths. I don’t know what I was expecting—someone pretentious? Unrelatable? There’s just so much schmoozing and so many snake-oil slingers in skincare. But I do remember feeling a massive sigh of relief once he opened up and started divulging the ethos behind his products, which have since amassed such a cult-like following—especially thanks to one face lotion that is known simply as “The Cream” among skincare junkies.  

Augustinus Bader
The Cream (15 ml)

$89 at Augustinus Bader

Bader has over 30 years of medical expertise in stem cell research. In the 1980s, he took his first steps in biomedical health at a burn center before continuing in the field of organ transplantation and then stem cell research. According to Wallpaper, his skincare brand “was the by-product of its namesake's development of medical-grade cream, which could heal severe burn injuries to an extent that was previously only possible through skin grafts”—applying much of the same science to other types of skin issues, from redness to wrinkles. Maybe that’s why it was voted “The Greatest Skincare of All Time” by WWD Beauty Inc.

His line has the refreshing and rare benefit of coming not from the trend-driven beauty and wellness sector, but from the hard science of a professor who has dedicated his life to understanding the nuances of your skin’s health. He has a logical, down-to-earth demeanor when speaking about the decision to apply his expertise to luxury skincare, which began with one simple question: If you can heal a full wound, why not heal a wrinkle or dark spot? 

The proof is in the pudding, mate; his products have become hugely popular among celebs (Kim Kardashian, Margot Robbie, Alexa Chung, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jennifer Aniston are all known to be fans), dermatologists, and just consumers in search of skincare products that actually work, with The Cream in particular applauded for its ability to stimulate collagen production and reduce the signs of aging. It’s also thanks to the inclusion of Bader’s TFC8 technology in the various products, or “Trigger Factor Complex,” which is composed of over 40 ingredients and led by Bader’s own decades of skincare research and clinical studies. In one four-week trial conducted with 30 participants using his products, the AB team found that after using The Rich Cream, the latest incarnation of Bader’s signature face lotion, 91 percent of people agreed that their skin looked five years younger and 95 percent found a “dramatically improved” appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Rich Cream is the thicker, more emollient version of the cream, specially formulated for those with dry skin—and at $175 for a 30-milliliter bottle, the name is accurate in more ways than one. 

Augustinus Bader
The Rich Cream (15 ml)

$89 at Augustinus Bader

Over the years, the AB brand has expanded to include haircare products, serums, and ingestible supplements; there’s a powerful, hybrid exfoliator-toner-lotion called “The Essence” that sounds like it belongs in The Dark Crystal, and collaborations with Spice Girls taste-making celebrities such as Victoria Beckham

Augustinus Bader
The Essence

$90 at Augustinus Bader
Augustinus Bader
The SKIN: Daily Dietary Supplement

$125 at Augustinus Bader

Look, this stuff is expensive—no denying that. But to reiterate, it was developed by a doctor in stem cell research, and the reviews are phenomenal. The real test of AB’s worth came once non-celebs started giving them test runs. “I am too high-maintenance for a $265 cream (alone),” wrote one skeptical beauty editor about The Cream, “[but] my skin tone became perceptibly more even and subtly glowy; my post-breakout dark spots faded faster [...] Augustinus Bader really is worth the hype.” On Amazon, reviewers of often sold-out AB products praise the staying power of The Cream’s formula. “It is truly amazing and LOOOONG lasting,” writes one reviewer, “It is not a temporary cream that washes off, and you are back to looking tired and not youthful, it is long lasting and cumulative”; another reviewer said “[It’s] very pricey, so I was nervous. But this stuff works! You need very little, and I swear I have seen a marked improvement in my skin.” Additionally, the brand allows customers to donate 5% of their order value to charity.

Augustinus Bader
The Body Oil

$31 at Augustinus Bader
Augustinus Bader
The Body Cream

$100 at Augustinus Bader

Perhaps you’re looking to treat yourself or a family member to a treat (ATTN: Mother’s Day is May 8, Father’s Day is June 19, and my birthday is July 16), or maybe you’re just sick of blowing your clams on random skincare products that don’t seem to work. If either of those are the case, maybe it’s time to stop racking up bills from the Sephora checkout line, and time to start putting in an order with the doctor. 

Learn more on Augustinus Bader’s official website

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