The Best Gifts for the Friend Who Has Everything

Our picks for the seemingly un-giftable include streetwear-collab cameras, DIY seltzer machines, Grateful Dead watches, and much more.

Dec 15 2021, 7:15pm

What do you give the person who has everything? At this rate in life, they’ve steered the yacht, spun the Poi, split the logs, and been through just about every iteration of Most Interesting Person that you could imagine. What are the best gifts for someone who seems to always be ahead of the curve? 

You don’t have to ball out on super-spensi presents, you just have to find the right present. The kind of holiday gift that shows you’ve been paying attention to what they like, need, or could use more of (wine, always wine). Sometimes that’s a delicious edible gift, or a luxe tableware set. The price range may vary, but your love won’t; so long as you’re being true to what they want, you’re on the right track. 


Read on to see our picks for the best gifts for the friend who has everything, from streetwear-collab cameras and DIY seltzer machines to ice makers and Grateful Dead watches.  

Delicious stuff to eat

You know those days when you just got paid, and end up spending $14 on a can of beautiful, tomato-marinated sardines at a local epicerie? (That’s Rich Mom speak for “fancy bodega.”) Who doesn't enjoy dropping big self-love coins on fancy pantry goods that make you really happy? This is a boxed, shippable version of well-deserved decadence, because it’s filled with a snickerdoodle funfetti cookie mix by James Beard award-winning pastry chef Mindy Segal​​, Carbone marinara sauce, smoked albacore tuna, Ghia's dreamy non-alcoholic aperitif, and more.

Mike's Picks Round Up Gift Box

$100 at Foxtrot

A wine advent calendar

It’s the gift whose bangin’ qualities never run dry: wine. Even if your giftee has everything, they could always use an excuse to enjoy a new drinkable experience every day in December. 

In Good Taste
Wine Advent Calendar

$150.00$135 at In Good Taste

Their body is 99.99% bubbly water

Why would I ever need a retirement plan, when I can make my own seltzer? Why do I need these guys [points to wife and kids] when I have the power of Bubbles For Days? Later, gators. 

Stainless Steel Carbonator III

$219 at Aarke

Pretty sure there are music videos about these bottles

No? Not yet? Perfect. Now is your chance to dazzle them with a bottle of cognac so beautiful, it deserves its own shrine. This bottle of Louis XIII really belongs in Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, because it has a heady bouquet of diamonds with top-notes of $wag. 

Remy Martin
Louis XIII Cognac

$649.97 at

The envy of the outdoor kickback

The Get Out makes super-cool camping gear that’s simultaneously retro-cool and ultra-modern. The brand’s cooler bag, with its adjustable padded straps and insulated, waterproof lining, will make your next picnic; it’s “tall enough for a bottle of wine, large enough for a full picnic, and comfortable enough to haul to the perfect spot.” What more does one need?

The Get Out
Cooler Bag

$250 at The Get Out

The checkerboard Leica x Vans camera

Because even if they have all the cameras in the world, they won’t have this one (yet). This is the perfect photography present for Travis Barker that friend who’s an aging punk with a bad ankle from years of skateboarding.

Leica x Vans
Vans X Ray Barbee Edition
$1695 at Leica

$1660 at Blends

A very large, very beautiful candle

Sure, there’s pleasure to be had in a Yankee or a tea light. But this giant, legitimately epic 15” candle has a whopping 1,200-to-1,500-hour burn time, and will instantly transform your den into a romantic lair.

Handmade Drip Beeswax Candle, 15"

$326 at Food52

You’re the neighborhood knife guy

Here they come, with their little knife caddy rattling down Main Street, a smile on their face and eight Made In knives tucked into this limited-edition knife roll set. Maybe they've already got the fancy Japanese knives, but we guarantee they haven't got this limited-edition roll to stash 'em.

Made In
Knife Roll

$159 at Made In

Next-level truffles

Always happy to work our way through some fun-size Milky Ways, but there’s checkout-line chocolate, and then there’s good chocolate. Vosges makes some of the best truffles in the game, and the Prima Materia collection is the cream fo the crop; think fillings like Bronte pistachio, with marzipan and Yaupon tea, or Armenian apricot, with pink peppercorn, lemon verbena, and white chocolate. This is art, people.

Prima Materia Chocolate Truffle Collection

$95 at Vosges

Your bud is an aging Deadhead

Wait [coughs in Indica] what time is it? Just wait until the little dancing bear meets the big hand, bud. It's a beautiful watch, but it's anything but boring.

Nixon X the Grateful Dead
Grateful Dead Time Teller Watch in Silver

$165 at Nixon
Nixon X the Grateful Dead
Grateful Dead Time Teller Watch

$165 at Nixon

Dinner, but make it Balenciaga

Because we’ve always been jealous of the decor and table settings during the iconic Beetlejuice dinner scene. Imagine how cool this checkered bistro table cloth would look with dried purple flowers, some wiggly candles, and a hot, glistening goose. (It’s you. You’re the goose.)

Bistro Table Set

$920 at Balenciaga

They’re all about the milk alternatives

Maybe they’ll die if they consume dairy, or maybe they just love the taste bud dance of cinnamon, oat milk, and coffee on their tongue. For whatever reason, if they’re into alternative milks, this machine is a goddess-send. 

ChefWave Milkmade Non-Dairy Milk Maker

$209.95 at Focus

Ball is life

What’s better than shooting hoops? Staring at the kind of novelty, hand-crafted marble basketball hoops and golden net setups that Richie Rich, or some eccentric train-loving millionaire would own.

Lux Mini Hoops by Moniomi, Square Hand-Crafted Marble Basketball Hoop

$9999.99 at 1stDibs
Basketball Designer Hoops Gold Complete Set 14'x18''

$239 at Etsy

Life is a highway

… And they wanna ride it all night long in a luxury RV, courtesy of you and the Terra Firma model by Bowlus, which isn’t so much an RV as it is a mobile mini-palace. Who needs a house or an apartment, when you can sleep in a redwood forest with this silver rocket? It’s not just a house on wheels, it’s a lifestyle game-changer.  

Terra Firma by Bowlus is available by inquiry

A divorce

It’s easier than ever these days, thanks to Hello Divorce, which promises to make divorce easier and cheaper than ever. That way, y’all crazies can head back to Las Vegas to do it all over again in matching Versace suits. Our favorite toxic couple.

Hello Divorce
DIY Divorce

$99 at Hello Divorce
Hello Divorce
Cooperative Divorce

$4500 at Hello Divorce

A weekend in a luxurious hippy pad

As with fine wine, tinned fish, and forehead kisses, one can never have enough cool trips. Take your partner on a fabulous surprise vacation, whether it’s a cool weekend stay in an upstate New York geodome home, a jaunt to Joshua Tree, or a soak in Iceland’s legendary Blue Lagoon. Bring a whole crew to this 1970s shingled SoCal masterpiece, known as the Whale House, and enjoy its swim-in lap pool, proximity to nature, and pin-drop silence in the canyons of Santa Barbara, California:

Photo: Airbnb

The Whale House; sleeps up to 6, $1,229/night at Airbnb

Happy holidays, and good luck topping this year’s present when the time comes [zips off in the Rec Room private jet].

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.

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