Photos of Overgrown Emos at My Chemical Romance’s Milton Keynes Show

Its been 20 years since MCR released their debut, which means the adult emos came out in full force this weekend for the UK leg of their tour.

23 May 2022, 9:49am

If you once had a MySpace profile, took photos of yourself from above doing “the claw” on a cheap digital camera and remember when MTV2 played “I'm Not Okay” by My Chemical Romance non-stop for about three months straight, I'm sorry, but you're old now. Not old, old. But old enough that you can just about remember your mum yelling at you to “log off the computer” so that she could use the house phone. And also old enough that MCR doing a UK tour feels like the best thing that's happened in the years since Avril Lavigne apparently died and was replaced by a clone.  


There's nothing wrong with being an overgrown emo (and by “overgrown” we mean over 23, because over 23 is now “elderly” in both emo and internet years). For starters, it means that you no longer have to beg your mum to pay for your ticket and then get picked up by your dad at 10.30PM after chewing mints to cover up the scent of Glen’s vodka mixed with Monster energy. It also means that emo isn’t just a phase, it’s a lifestyle choice, and for that we should rejoice and celebrate.

With the above in mind, we sent VICE photographer Chris Bethell down to MCR’s Milton Keyes show on Saturday the 21st of May to take portraits outside the venue.

Here are a bunch of pics of emo fans who are – in a couple of hours – about to have the time of their lives.

Adam Cope, 25.

From left to right: Beth Hobbs, 30 and Will Holmes, 30.

From left to right: George Gadd, 30 and Sarah Cottee, 29.

From left to right: Joe Alexander, 31 and Ebony Alexander, 29.

From left to right: Katie Salter, 33 and Chris Everett, 33.

From left to right: Matthew Tully, 28 and Hannah Cottom, 28.

From left to right: Nick Baker, 23, Matt Liggins, 22 and Nathan Cartwright. 23.

From left to right: Millie Milner, 25 and Reda Bahri, 41.

From left to right: Rae Spencer, 29 and Lewis Smith, 34.

From left to right: Jake Gould, 28 and Rubie Godridge, 28.

TJ Davies, 28.

From left to right: Phill Evans, 27, Ash Hawes, 28 and Liam Jackson, 28.

William Steele, 45.

From left to right: Ami Trainor-Hopton, 31 and Faye Lesley-Reynolds, 28.

From left to right: Lee Tomlinson, 47 and Tracy Carter, 45.

From left to right: Zoe Healy, 31 and Emma Healy, 34.

@daisythejones / @christopherbethell


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