Daily Horoscope: January 24, 2022

The moon enters Scorpio.

Warrior planet Mars enters strategic earth sign Capricorn at 7:53 AM, encouraging us to consider the long-term consequences of our actions and focus our energy toward building lasting success! The moon in diplomatic Libra squares off with Pluto, the planet of the underworld, in Capricorn at 5:10 PM, which could stir up complicated feelings. The moon enters mysterious water sign Scorpio at 10:57 PM, encouraging us to connect with our inner voice and creativity. We’re feeling courageous as the moon mingles with fiery Mars at 11:48 PM.


All times ET.


Your ruling planet Mars enters Capricorn today, activating the sector of your chart that rules your career and marking the start of an exciting new journey toward achieving your goals!


Action planet Mars enters fellow earth sign Capricorn today, finding you in an adventurous mood. This is an exciting time to travel or pursue educational goals.


Mars enters Capricorn, pumping you up as you tackle issues like debts, taxes, or other complicated money matters. You may also be cutting yourself out of some financial entanglements at this time.


Warrior planet Mars enters your opposite sign Capricorn, heating up the relationship sector of your chart. Your partners might be approaching things in an especially straightforward manner at this time!


Warrior planet Mars enters industrious earth sign Capricorn today, energizing you to tackle your to-do list. You may feel excited to complete a project or find yourself read to dump a bad habit.


Action planet Mars enters Capricorn today, revving up the romance and creativity sector of your chart. This is a thrilling time to connect with a lover! Creative blocks may finally be busted.


Mars enters Capricorn today, activating the home and family sector of your chart, which could find you confronting an issue with a family member or housemate, or inspire you to tackle a project at home. You might also feel like you are releasing yourself from the past at this time.


Your ruling planet Mars enters wise earth sign Capricorn today, finding you approaching your goals strategically and logically. The moon also enters your sign today, Scorpio, encouraging you to focus on self love!


Warrior planet Mars enters Capricorn, activating the financial sector of your chart, which could find you especially motivated to acquire wealth and abundance! But first, catch up on rest as the moon enters Scorpio.


Action planet Mars enters your sign today, Capricorn, which may boost your confidence and energy, finding you bravely making a move toward your goals and desires!


You may find yourself feeling restless as Mars enters Capricorn, so carve out extra time to rest. If you’re feeling frustrated, it may be beneficial to acknowledge your anger or frustration in intentional and healthy ways, like journaling or talking things through with your therapist.


Action planet Mars enters Capricorn today, which could find you excited to connect with new social circles. It’s an excellent time to work toward causes you feel passionately about!

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