Monthly Horoscope: Gemini, August 2022

Welcome to Leo season, dear Gemini!

The sun is in Leo, the zodiac sign that rules the heart, and Leo season is all about doing what you love most, Gemini: connecting with people! The sun in Leo lights up the communication sector of your chart, finding you sharing ideas, learning about new perspectives, and socializing. An intriguing message or piece of information may come your way. You could be connecting with your neighbors, or siblings if you have them, and a busy atmosphere flows in your neighborhood.


An emotional breakthrough can arrive on August 1 as Mars meets Uranus in Taurus. You might have a profound realization about something while you are dreaming or in deep meditation. There may be a feeling of unpredictability in the air, and a surprising gift or support could come on August 2 as Venus in Cancer connects with Uranus and Mars. Your ruling planet Mercury enters Virgo on August 4, kicking up conversations concerning home and family life. Paperwork concerning these themes may be organized or completed. Discussions about the past can take place, and you may be in a nostalgic mood, perhaps reconnecting with someone from long ago!

You feel especially glamorous on August 7 as Venus mingles with Neptune in Pisces, and a lovely gift may come your way—but also on this day, Mars squares off with Saturn in Aquarius, which may find you feeling frustrated about delays or misunderstandings, particularly concerning travel or time off from work. Frustrations about school or managing your schedule may also arise. Patience and long-term planning are key at this time. Your fame and success may be on the rise as Venus and Neptune align, so put your best and most mature self forward as Mars squares off with Saturn.

Venus opposes Pluto in Capricorn on August 9, which can also find you having an intense conversation about money. If you’re in a partnership with someone where there’s an unfair power dynamic, particularly regarding finances, the issues may come to a head at this time. Difficult feelings like jealousy, greed, or feeling possessive may arise: This is a powerful opportunity to confront these emotions and transform your situation!


A full moon in fellow air sign Aquarius takes place on August 11, which can bring a conversation that has been building to a climax. New information may come to light, and your perspective on a situation changes. An important decision may take place. A journey you have been on may be coming to an end, and you might be resolving an issue concerning travel, school, or your plans to publish something great. Independence is a big theme during this full moon and people make surprising changes as the sun squares off with Uranus on this day. Venus also enters Leo during this full moon, which can bring a sweet message your way. Venus in Leo bodes well for communication, friendship, and intellectual connection with your romantic partners. Mars also connects with Neptune during the full moon in Aquarius, which can find you making great strides in your career or experiencing a breakthrough with a creative block.

The sun opposes Saturn on August 14, which may find you navigating communication blocks and delays, but also on this day, Mars mingles with Pluto, which can inspire an emotional breakthrough and create a powerful atmosphere for letting go of the past and embracing change. Surprising news may arrive as Mercury connects with Uranus on August 16, and Venus connects with Jupiter in Aries on August 18, boding well for your social life: You feel especially popular at this time, and your ideas can be especially influential!


Mars enters your sign, Gemini, on August 20, which can find you feeling perked up and ready for action! Geminis are famously friendly and easygoing, but with Mars in your sign, people might find you more direct or intimidating! Later this autumn, Mars will retrograde in your sign, which can find you reconsidering where you want to place your focus and what you want to fight for—but for now, Mars in your sign encourages you to explore all your options and spend time experimenting.

Mercury opposes Neptune on August 21, which could make for miscommunications or a feeling of blurred lines between your personal and professional lives. Helping you set boundaries is Mercury’s connection with Pluto on August 22. Intriguing information may come your way and you may learn some secrets at this time, too! An emotionally touching discussion can take place. Virgo season starts on August 22, illuminating the home and family sector of your chart: You may be connecting with loved ones, moving, or sprucing up your way. Uranus retrograde in Taurus starts on August 24, which could find you feeling restless, so make time to for creative self expression and maybe switch up your everyday routine. Change could be exactly what you need right now!  

Your ruling planet Mercury enters fellow air sign Libra on August 26, inspiring a fun, flirtatious atmosphere! It’s a lovely time to connect with a crush or have fun with established partners. Exciting party invitations may land in your inbox. Creative blocks can be broken. The new moon in Virgo arrives on August 27, marking the beginning of a new cycle in your home or family life. You might be moving or redecorating your space, inviting a new housemate, reconnecting with family, or otherwise reconnecting with your sense of safety, comfort, security, and home. It’s a great time to donate items you no longer need and thoroughly clean your home.

This new moon finds Venus squaring off with Uranus, and the sun squaring off with Mars: Venus’s alignment with Uranus can bring an unexpected invitation, and you may feel eager to break out of your routine. If you’ve been in a rut, Venus’s square with Uranus can find you breaking your way out of it. The mood may be impatient as the sun squares off with Mars, and there may be some bickering as egos clash. The next day, August 28, Venus opposes Saturn, which can find you having a heavy conversation about expectations and responsibilities. The mood isn’t especially cozy or affectionate, but it could be productive for setting boundaries and discussing agreements.

Good luck this month, Gemini, and see you in September!


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