The 9 Coolest New Drops This Week, From Streetwear Boots to Perfect Undies

Curious about Vans’ take on hiking shoes, the latest Tommy x Timberland drop, and Parade’s nakey collection? Right this way.

Nov 12 2021, 10:31pm

Strap on your parachute, give a thumbs up to the pilot, and jump—it’s time to hit the drop zone. Yes, it’s once again the beginning of the weekend, which means it’s time for our usual roll call of the web’s sickest and tightest new drops and launches. Last week, we saw an American-ass Lee x Pendleton collab, a Sesame Street apron set from the good people at Hedley & Bennett, John Mayer's signature laundry detergent (yes, really), and more bananas drops that you stuffed your virtual shopping cart with. 

But this week—ohhh man. If you’re not already laying horizontally with your phone held directly above your face, assume the position, because we’ve got some molten-hot drops for your thirsty, plump ass. We sifted through the sandworm-filled virtual desert to bring you a Tommy x Timberland collaboroni, a Stüssy x Doc Martens team-up, a desperately needed sprucing for your spice drawer, and more launches that will make you sit up straight, take a cold shower, and eat an entire raw jalapeño pepper in the name of mental toughness. 

Read on to see our favorite drops this week, from aesthetic anal plugs and winterproof Vans to desert boots, tennis-core must-haves, and more. 

Tommy x Timberland

A match made in streetwear heaven, this is the second drop from the Tommy Hilfiger and Timberland collaboration. The logos are bigger, the stripes are long, and the collab prioritized recycled materials.  

Tommy Hilfiger
TOMMYXTIMBERLAND Organic Cotton Logo Hoodie

$169 at Tommy Hilfiger

Vans Gore-Tex collection

We had a dream that Vans made technical winter footwear, and then Gore-Tex hacked our cerebellum and said LET’S GOOO with this collaboration. “Adventure-based and built on the back of decades of snowboard boot development,” says the design team, “this [shoe] is unlike anything before it.” It features waterproof suede, and insulation for ice, snow, and is equipped with sturdy heel guards for kicking winter’s ass. 

Ultrarange Exo HiI Gore-Tex MTE-3

$200 at Vans

Parade naked collection

Do the Parade elves ever take a break? We hope so. But also, please keep doing whatever you’re doing to bring us new drops like this collection, which offers seven shades of nude undergarments that feel (and look) like you’re wearing nada.

Plunge Bralette

$30 at Parade

Everlane's desert boot

[Cue Dune soundtrack] Everlane is already one of the masters of neutral-toned, Hot-East-Village-Granola-Kid energy, and these suede desert boots are a great addition to that avatar. We foresee them on some Joshua Tree adventures, afternoon strolls through the leaves in Upstate New York, and many runs to the bodega—just an all around classic, folksy crowd-pleaser. The Simon & Garfunkel of boots. 

The Desert Boot

$125 at Everlane

Clarks cow print desert boots

So, this is the desert boot that the Everlane desert boot buys weed from. The one who always has a plus one for the show, and “knows your mom from somewhere.” 

Desert Boot 221 Cow Print

$240 at Clark

Stüssy x Doc Martens

We were hoping for a giant leather surfboard, but this is cool, too. Stüssy x Doc Martens have collaborated on a drop that arrives at select retailers and online today, and it includes a pair of black, Wanama leather hiking boots that we will be baptizing into our closet as soon as possible. 

Dr. Martens
939 Stüssy Leather Ankle Boots

$160 at Dr Martens

Eleven by Venus Williams

Holy hell, dude. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play tennis looking like a hot biblical snake, or someone in a FENTY ad, or a new Sailor Soldier? So has Venus Williams, apparently, because this new collection of the tennis player's athletic wear line is so sleek.  

Let's Sweat Mock Short Sleeve

$78 at Carbon38

Maude’s first anal plug

We love Maude for making sex toys that look like they could’ve starred in Arrival. Naturally, the brand’s inaugural butt plug offering to we, the horny, is just as aesthetic as the rest of their toys. It’s well-tapered, and thus great for beginners, and is made out of a premium soft-touch silicone. 


$30 at Maude

The Neat Method x The Spice House Spice Gift Bundle

This is the perfect gift for know-it-all Virgos or anyone who needs a hobby for hermiting during the winter. You’ll receive your own labels, glass jars, and 24 spices to siphon inside. Just think of how impressed Ina Garten will be when she finally leaves Jeffrey for you. 

Neat Method
Spice Gift Bundle

$200 at Neat Method

See you for next week’s drops. Don’t forget to crank that humidifier to keep all of your winter lips smooth. (What? Someone had to say it.) 

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.


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