This story is over 5 years old.

The Animals Issue

Dear Diary

I love all creatures big and small. Even skinheads. Even you.
Κείμενο Lesley Arfin

January 1994

Jessie’s Dog, Ralph, died and I feel so sad for her. It just reminds me of the whole RT episode and how the more I think about it, the more I think RT is such a cruel person. It makes me see how that whole scene is so hypocritical and everyone just kisses RT’s ass. Everyone thought Jessie was so evil when she really wasn’t. No one would listen to her. She’s so nice. I wish the smart people that I’m friends with would just see RT for what he really is…

Here’s what happened: Jessie, my long-time neighbor, started going to LIHC shows at the PWAC. On one particular night, the hardcore vibes were heavy, the anger in the air was so thick that it hit you like sweaty Saran Wrap, and Jessie got a little “carried away” during an intense circle pit sesh. She was a skinny 15-year-old girl. She claimed a bunch of skinheads beat her up and broke her arm, but others saw it differently, especially after her dad sued the PWAC, making shows there come to a halt. RT and his entourage of LIHC homies blamed Jessie, which made her Suffolk County’s least-liked Alternative-Grunge-Riot Grrl-Raver, and that month’s hot topic. Jessie was close to me so I tried to stay impartial, but RT was popular so I felt kind of torn. I don’t remember how it ended. I think the PWAC closed down anyway because Channel 12 news deemed moshing dangerous. I also remember a report on clubs that put Special K in the water, and the PWAC was listed as one of them. It was something weird like that.

RT started spelling his name normal again, as Artie, and he is the singer for the band Celebrity Murders now. I think Jessie works for Larry Clark. Back when her dog Ralph died, it was a huge bummer. He was a bulldog. He had multiple tumors and threw up a lot. I never had a dog, but I love animals. I love all creatures big and small. Even skinheads. Even you.