The Animals Issue

  • Skinema

    I fear if I kept my eyes closed entirely, I might walk right into someone's dick.

  • Games

    Fantasy games depress me.

  • Electric Independence

    In Aix-en-Provence at the start of June, the only animals I really noticed were lizards, other than stacks of birds whose names I can never recall, and last time I checked they're reptiles.

  • Hey, Dog Owners

    What a bunch of fucking idiots cat owners are.

  • Caged Tigers

    These bobcats live in big outdoor pens (up to a quarter acre) and cat rooms in Lynn Culver's house in the mountains of West Arkansas. The ones raised from when they were little are tame, the others are "not affectionate."

  • Rat Hunting

    Fuck New York’s unconstitutional gun laws. Let’s git ourselv sum rats, kiddies!