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Get Our Favorite Eye Massager for 31% Off as an Early Prime Day Deal

This heated, vibrating gadget helped cure my decade-long eye strain, and it’s a glorious 31% off as part of Amazon’s early Prime Day deals.
Get Our Favorite Eye Massager for 31% as an Early Prime Day Deal
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Our eyes have seen some things: bright lights, computer screens, and our ex at the bar during happy hour? Oh, the horror. This kind of eye strain calls for a shot (or 12) of tequila and a good massage—but not just any massage. A [drumroll] ~eye~ massage. Luckily, there’s a special gadget for just that: the Renpho Eye Massager

$129.99$51.79 at Amazon

$129.99$51.79 at Amazon

We love these heated and padded goggles that act as your own personal eye masseuse. (They even helped me cure my personal battle with decade-long eye strain.) Even better, this sanity-saving gadget is 31% off right now as part of Amazon’s early Prime Day deals


It’s designed to target five “acupoints” in the eye region with both pressure and heat by gently compressing your forehead and eye region while it works its magic. I found from personal experience that it helps alleviate tension headaches, eye strain, eye puffiness, and dry eyes that are a result of all the stress in our day-to-day, screen-centered lives. Temperatures range from 104 to 107 degrees Fahrenheit, and while that sounds steamy, it’s more like a dip in a hot tub—enough to improve circulation, but nothing too spicy. Think of it as the Goldilocks temperature for relaxation

I’m not the only one who’s a big fan. The Renpho eye massager has a 4.4-star average rating from nearly 7,000 reviews on Amazon, where customers note it can be used for various purposes and ailments. “Position it on your forehead and with the heat, vibration, and pressure,” one reviewer on Amazon writes. “It wipes away a headache. You can massage your scalp by draping it over your head using the band as a chin strap. Not stopping there—try clam-shelling it over a sore shoulder or knee, or around the back of your neck.” 

Make sure to check back during Prime Day next week (the event takes place July 12 and 13) for what might be an even bigger discount, and don’t forget to make sure your Prime membership is current to get the biggest price drops possible, because you—and your eyes—deserve it. 

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