Weekly Horoscope: October 4 - 10

There's a new moon in Libra this week!
October 4, 2021, 3:09pm
Robin Eisenberg

The Libra new moon falls on Wednesday, October 6, at 7:05 AM, the first new moon of autumn. While Libra season tends to find us social and eager to mingle, take some quiet time to set your intentions for the second half of the year. This new moon meets action planet Mars, inviting us to find ways to resolve conflicts with grace and consideration. Fighting does not need to be violent! Also on Wednesday, Pluto, the planet of secrets and all that is hidden, ends its retrograde at 2:28 PM. Underground, cryptic things are turning up again. Plutonian themes are more noticeable.


Venus, the planet of love and values, enters fire sign Sagittarius on Thursday, October 7, at 7:20 AM. While Venus in Scorpio has asked us to dig to extreme depths for what we desire, Venus in Sagittarius is a little more obvious. Venus in Sagittarius has nothing to hide, and is ready to explore new heights, sexually and aesthetically.

On Friday, October 8, the sun meets with action planet Mars at 12:00 AM. There is something hot and sharp about this combination. We understand other people’s motivations, and are learning the truth about what’s being done. This can be a moment where something brutal is revealed!

More revelations come as messenger Mercury meets with the sun on Saturday, October 9, at 12:18 PM. Mercury retrograde can be confusing and frustrating, as things are delayed and not working according to plan. But this can actually be good, because it forces us to pace ourselves and look inward. Whenever Mercury meets the sun, news breaks. There is a new perspective on something that we thought we were so sure about.

There’s a rush of ideas and sharp commentary as Mercury meets with Mars on Saturday, October 9, at 6:48 PM. There can be some fighting words thrown into the mix, but ultimately it’s a time when ideas come fast, so grab your pen!

Saturn, the planet of rules and regulations, ends its retrograde on Sunday, October 10, at 10:17 PM. After taking some time off and seeing how things were set up, we’re ready to have strong boundaries and improved standards. Social structures are especially highlighted during Saturn in Aquarius.


All times ET.


The new moon falls in your chart’s house of interpersonal commitments, bringing fresh energy into your partnerships. This is the start of something beautiful in your relationships. This lunation joins your planetary ruler, Mars, which asks you to consider the role you play in your partners’ lives, and how they feel about you running the show. You’re learning the truth about your relationships as the sun meets both action planet Mars and messenger Mercury, revealing other people’s intentions and ideas. Conversations about your relationships and how much you’re sharing are invigorated as Mercury meets with Mars. We’re eager to keep the peace, but at the same time, ready to speak up about anything that pops into our head!


A moment of silence comes for you to consider what practices you’d like to commit to. The new moon falls in your house of routine and lifestyle, bringing you the opportunity to invite pleasant habits into your daily life. Since this lunation joins Mars, there is a willpower to charge into the plans that you are making. Your planetary ruler Venus changes signs, moving into a very intimate sector of your chart. You’re more focused on the desires that you share with your partners, romantic or otherwise. This can be a time when you are more sensitive to what other people want. When you’re in this highly intuitive space, you need to remember to stay in touch with what you want, too!


The new moon in fellow air sign Libra gives you the space to bring new joys into your life, whether through your creative outlets or sexuality, or both. There can be some strong libidinal energy available as the lunation joins with action planet Mars, asking you to consider the ways you go for what you want. There’s a new cycle beginning in your friendships and social life, but it can feel a little challenging to wrap your head around! Your planetary ruler Mercury meets with Mars, which might find a lot of thoughts popping into your head right now. A good creative outlet or friend can help you process and sort through the chaos. There is a lot of harmony in your relationships as Venus enters your chart’s partnerships sector.


Monday’s new moon is an especially cozy and restful time as you get the space to hide away and heal for a moment. There are things on the home front that require your attention and strength. There’s a sense of urgency, a pushiness, to address your domestic affairs, but it’s important not to move too quickly since Mercury is still retrograde! You can end up stressing out over something that needs more time and communication to develop. You’re passionate about communicating your ideas about home and family as Mercury meets with Mars. Manmade structures make us think that we need to move faster than we do. Mercury retrograde gives us the introspection to remember that we have the tools to make it happen at our own pace.


There is so much to think about, and this new moon is giving you an opportunity to change your mind. There are conversations being tied up, and arguments that are ending. There is also a rush into a new conversation or contract as this lunation joins passionate Mars. You’re excited to learn more about your regular acquaintances, siblings, roommates, and neighbors. Your planetary ruler, the sun, meets with Mars and Mercury, giving you important information and plans for strategizing the rest of your year! There is a lot to be learned through your relationships and the people that you see on a regular basis. Saturn, the planet of commitments, ends its retrograde in your house of partnerships, bringing you an experienced, more responsible understanding of how to structure your relationships.


Relationships are an important resource to you. This new moon gives you a new perspective on your finances, and how you and your partners act as mutual aid to one another. There’s an urge that you need to rush into being a good buddy and support your partners, but double check your wallet first. Maybe they can help pay, too! Your planetary ruler Mercury is currently retrograde, asking you to turn inward and consider your relationship to your budget and your attitudes toward the material world in general. As Mercury meets with the sun, you learn some truth about payments. The sun also meets Mars, which can bring a sense of urgency in your finances. Pace yourself.


The new moon in your sign presents the perfect opportunity to think about your own wants and needs, rather than other people’s! Sometimes it's challenging for Libra to remember what they want outside of relationships, but around this time your internal monologue is screaming. This new moon meets up with Mars, asking you to cut out things that are weighing you down, or not true to your understanding of yourself. Get in touch with your feminine side as your planetary ruler, Venus, changes signs. This is a time to connect with the women in your life, as well as to deepen your understanding of desire and getting what you want!


The week gets off to a quiet, off-the-grid start, as the new moon falls in a secretive sector of your chart. The new moon meets meets with your planetary ruler Mars, which shows some things beginning in secrecy. You’re making moves, but no one knows about them just yet! The sun meets Mars on Friday, which could reveal something that has been happening in the shadows. This can be a psychological breakthrough, or an actual secret coming out! Mercury retrograde has been reanimating skeletons in the closet, and as Mercury meets Mars, you’re getting a better understanding of what to do about things that have been ignored or stayed under the radar.


The new moon in your house of hopes and dreams gives you a fresh perspective on your objectives. There are friends and community members who can help you get to the places you want to go. You’re approaching these objectives with a lot of strength and will, as this new moon meets warrior planet Mars. You’ll do anything to make sure you’re not rubbing your friends the wrong way, but maybe some feathers need to be ruffled! You will have no problem making peace, if needed, as Venus, the planet of harmony, enters your sign. You’ll have more command over your knack for making things beautiful and level, yourself included!


The new moon in your chart’s house of career and public reputation gives you the space to see your role in a new light. It’s possible that a new professional relationship is formed, or that you’re taking initiative to achieve more powerful relationships. There is a lot being revealed to you on the career front this week as the sun meets action planet Mars and Mercury, showing what role you play and what your job description is. This can only lead to mental excitement and a ton of ideas as Mercury and Mars connect, too. You’re stepping back into your power as Pluto ends its retrograde, and with Saturn retrograde ending too, you’re feeling a bit more grounded financially!


The new moon in fellow air sign Libra asks you to reconsider what you believe in. There is an embodiment of what you think, and an ability to make the connections between your ideas and your material reality. There is a passionate edge to philosophical discussions happening right now. Your planetary ruler, Saturn, ends its retrograde in your sign, Aquarius, creating some static in your life. During Saturn retrograde, you were looking within yourself for structure, discipline, and the meaning of community. Now that Saturn retrograde is ending, take a moment to be still before going ahead with your futuristic vision. There is a lot to be discussed first, and this is the time to share your ideas and learn more.


The new moon falls in a secretive and transformative sector of your chart, ushering in the necessary change for the rest of your year. This is a great moment to think about what changes you want to make, or the things that you’re ready to give away to someone else. Sharing is an important concept, and Pisces is one of the most generous signs of the zodiac! You are connecting to other people’s needs and sense of security and though it’s easy to lose yourself here, remember to consider all the things that you have to be grateful for. The planet of beauty and harmony, Venus, enters your chart’s house of career, bringing peace to your public life. Take advantage of the good looks! Interviews and anything public-facing are blessed now.

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