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Love Japanese Snacks? Grab 'Em From Bokksu's New Online Market

The subscription box service just launched a web store for picking up all your faves à la carte—and we've got an exclusive discount code.
October 4, 2021, 4:41pm
bokksu japanese snacks
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Not gonna lie: In America, we have pretty decent snack game, from our revered delicacy Flamin' Hot Cheetos to our penchant for inventing such advanced edible creations as chocolate-hazelnut Uncrustables and Nerds Gummy Clusters

But if you've ever traveled outside the US, you probably know by now that some other parts of the world have really incredible snack juju—with Japan possibly taking the (mochi) cake when it comes to who reigns supreme. Where should we begin? The gazillion incredible flavors of Kit Kats, mochi, gummies, and soda? The delectable aromas of yuzu, sakura, and satsuma? The impeccable textures of crunchy rice crackers, crispy Pocky, and fluffy breads??? If you know, friends, you know. 

Which is why we're very excited that Bokksu, an online emporium for amazing Japanese snack subscription boxes, just launched a market section on its site where you can snag all your favorites a la carte. Grape gummies, shrimp chips, Hokkaido butter-flavored chips—the gang's all here.  And best of all, you, our VICE-reading friend, can use the code VICE15 at checkout to get 15% off your first order.

Yamayoshi Seika

Potato Chips: Hokkaido Rich Butter (1 Bag)

Maruka Shokuhin

Seaweed Tempura and Shrimp Chips Mix: Plum + Red Shiso (1 Bag)


Classic Bokksu: Seasons of Japan


Kaju Gummy: Peach (10 Bags)

Nihonbashi Kabou

Calpico Mochi (~8 Pieces)

You can also peruse tea sets, knives, kitchen gear, and Japanese and Japandi-style housewares…


Damascus Steel Santoku Kitchen Knife


Mashikoyaki Donabe Ceramic Rice Cooker


Mt. Fuji Pour Over Coffee Drip Filter + Stand

… and other neat stuff, including Sanrio plushies, anime collectibles, and this Spirited Away No-Face balancing game (perfect gift idea for the Hayao Miyazaki film nerd in your life, if you can’t whisk them away to a Taiwanese mountain village): 


Wooden Japanese Bento Box


Spirited Away No-Face Balancing Game

[Muffled through mouthfuls of chips] Well, we’re hyped.

Head over to Bokksu to stock your snack stash—don’t forget to use the code VICE15 for a tasty discount!—and check out more spots for buying all of your favorite Asian groceries and snacks online here

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