A Japanese Man Was Arrested for Vandalising Public Bathrooms With Drawings of ‘Smelly’ Poop

Very mature.
July 23, 2020, 8:07am
Photo: Chris Keller via Pixabay

On July 20, a 45-year-old construction worker from Osaka, Japan was arrested and charged for vandalism. Not for some cool graffiti but for, quite literally, drawing shit.

Using a black marker, the unnamed suspect had written the phrase “unkopuuun,” which roughly translates to “smelly poop,” with a drawing of poop, on a public toilet seat in Nishinomiya, Osaka, on the afternoon of April 17, Yahoo News reported.


The Japanese phrase, “unko puuun” literally translates to “poop pyewww,” and is used when teasing someone about their poop being smelly. It’s often used by young children, but it looks like some adults still find it really funny.

The police arrested the man after identifying him in security footage. According to Kobe Shimbun, he readily admitted to writing the phrase and just said, “Yup. That was definitely me.”

But he didn’t just do this once. According to police reports, he also tagged toilet walls and doors in the Mita train station with the same drawing and phrase, during two instances in March.

Authorities haven’t revealed how they plan to sanction the man. And although he's about to face some very real consequences, he was at least an instant hit with netizens.

“His maturity level is lower than an elementary school student.”

“This is Osaka’s Banksy.”

“Saw this first thing in the morning and laughed. Next time I tweet about my stress, I’m gonna add ‘unkopuuun’ after my rants.”

“This is some light-hearted news for the sad world we live in today.”

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