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A Trump Supporter Set Booby Traps Around His Lawn Sign to Stop People from Stealing It

"I'm 2 and 0," Phillip said of his record for catching thieves.

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The 2016 election has gotten so heated lately that some people have felt the need to violently destroy campaign signs they take issue with. To defend against the onslaught of potential sign-trashers, one man in Indiana has set up an elaborate array of booby traps to keep his Trump sign proudly displayed in his front yard, ABC reports.

The Trump supporter, Phillip—he asked ABC not to use his last name—set up an ingenious system of ropes anchoring to the unassuming little Trump sign to various points around his front yard. He also went so far as to spray-paint the rope green, so it would blend in with the grass. He also attached a camera to the tree opposite the sign to catch vandals in the act. The whole thing is basically something that a grown-up Kevin McCallister might do if he was committed to Making America Great Again.

"I'm 2 and 0," Phillip told ABC of his record for catching thieves. In one attempt caught on camera, a woman can be seen snatching the sign, but she gets caught up in the green rope and ultimately drops the sign and runs. Phillip has brought the footage to the police, but so far no charges have been made.

"Whether it's a Bernie or Hillary or a Trump sign, you might disagree with whatever the politics are, but it's not yours," Phillip said.

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Photo via Wikimedia Commons