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Here's How to Watch Monday's Presidential Debate for Free Without a TV

You can catch the total unraveling of our current political system on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.
September 26, 2016, 2:55pm

The first of three presidential debates will take place Monday night, and if you're broke and don't have cable, fear not—there are all sorts of easy and free ways to stream it if you want to revel in the sad existential nightmare that this election has become.

YouTube will be livestreaming the debate simultaneously on three different channels—Bloomberg News, Washington Post, and NBC. Twitter and Facebook will also have streams.


Trump and Clinton will duke it out at Hofstra University in New York starting at 9 PM EST. It's just the two of them up onstage this time around, since none of the third-party candidates could wrangle the necessary polling numbers to qualify for a podium.

That's not to say there won't be any exciting special guests, though. After Hillary Clinton invited Mark Cuban, the billionaire who has publicly railed against Trump in the past, to take a front-row seat for the debate, Trump said he'd give a seat to Gennifer Flowers in response. (Flowers had an affair with Bill Clinton while he was the governor of Arkansas.)

Trump's campaign has since stated that Flowers won't be in the audience, but this whole thing is already gearing up to be a nauseating shitshow. At least we have plenty of ways to livestream the total unraveling of our current political system, free of charge. What a world!

Watch the debate via YouTube above or check it out on Facebook and Twitter.

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