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Someone Scattered Valium All Over a Popular Toronto Playground

And, of course, a baby ended up with some in his mouth.
September 26, 2016, 7:40pm

Photo via Wikimedia

A Toronto playground was scattered with Valium over the weekend—including several at the top of a slide—causing a 15-month-old to be taken to the hospital on Sunday. Though the child is reportedly fine, according to CBC, police are still investigating the incident, which happened in Bellevue Square Park in Kensington Market.

"Whether this was a calculated act by somebody or whether it was just a staggering level of negligence from someone leaving this type of thing behind, we're still investigating," Constable Craig Brister told CBC. The level of fucked-up you'd have to be to drop a bunch of benzos around a playground is pretty startling to think of. However, Bellevue Square Park, located in the centre of Kensington, is a common hangout for adults at all hours of the day and night, including 20-somethings ditching afterhours venues in the neighbourhood after a long night of partying. Luckily the mother of the kid, Lindsay Lorusso, was able to get some of the blue-coloured pill out of her son's mouth before all of it dissolved. "It could have been maybe a minute later and that pill would have been gone," she told CBC. Follow Allison Tierney on Twitter.