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Chavez Return to Our Hearts and Minds with New Song "The Bully Boys"

Their EP 'Cockfighters' drops in January.

Photo by Jesper Eklow

New York math rock heroes Chavez have been quiet, with intermittent activity, for a really long fucking time, but they've decided to bless us in the New Year with a new EP entitled Cockfighters coming out January 17, 2017 and have doubly blessed us with its first single, "The Bully Boys."

In typical Chavez fashion, the sludgy, entangled guitars of Clay Tarver and our ownGuitar Moves host Matt Sweeney are the star of the show, sounding just as gnarled and propulsive as they did two decades ago on classics like Ride the Fader. Speaking of which, riding the fader (or your laptop's volume buttons) is what you should be doing when you put on this song, so crank up "The Bully Boys" below.

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