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Who Needs a Cat Cafe When You Can Get Drunk at a Cat Wine Bar?

It was only a matter of time before a felinophile with a big dream and a penchant for booze connected the dots.

Fed up with drinking wine alone and talking to your cats? Feel like you need to get out a little more, for fear of becoming an alcoholic spinster cat lady (or man)? Well, there may soon be a way to do both of those things, while still minimising your interaction with pesky humans.

The gradual integration of felines into cafes was just the beginning. It was only a matter of time before a felinophile with a big dream and a penchant for booze connected the dots.


Such is the case of the Denver Cat Company, creators of a Denver cat café which allows patrons to play with adoptable cats while they sip on their favorite latte. But now, Denver Cat Company is attempting to raise the stakes (and raise capital) in an effort to fund America's very first cat bar.

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According to their Kickstarter page, the cat bar will be "a unique innovative, addition to Denver's thriving nightlife," offering beer and wine and allowing patrons to play with adoptable cats when they are at their most active—at night.

The cat bar will even be offering (human) food, though patrons need not worry about hygiene. "Food and drink prep will be isolated from the cat areas. We will have a cat lounge that's fully separate for you to enjoy cat time, but you'll still be able to bring your snacks and drinks with you into the cat lounge."

Though no physical location for the cat bar has been secured yet, the project has managed to raise almost $7,000 from 119 backers, and there are still 24 days to go for Denver Cat Company to reach its ultimate goal of $60,000. The bar, combined with their cat cafe, will allow Denver Cat Company to double cat adoptions.

Given the success of cat cafes in Denver, and around the world, it shouldn't be too hard for locals to be purr-suaded. But that being said, humans aren't on their best behavior when they're drinking their favorite vino, and hopefully these adoptable cats will be nimble enough to avoid overly affectionate, tail-pulling, clumsy cat-lovers who've had too much to drink.