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[Music Video] A Lavish Trip Inside an Empress' 3D-Scanned Palace

Visual art duo Pussykrew uses 3D scanning technology to create the world of Sevdaliza’s "That Other Girl."
Images courtesy the artists

Neo-Baroque imagery meets cyborg technoshamanism in "That Other Girl," the new video by experimental CGI duo, Pussykrew, for Sevdaliza. Sharing the same interest for 3D technology, the Shanghai-based visual artists teamed up with the Iranian-born singer to release the video clip last week, and the resultant audiovisual awesomeness is breathtaking. “The video is merging our and Sevdaliza's universes. We wanted to amplify the way she constructs her image and plays the identity game,” Pussykrew tells The Creators Project. “However it expands to broader issues of feminity in our society as well as individual empowerment of one's own realm,” they add, the song's minimal sounds fusing perfectly with an overwhelming visual landscape.


At the core of an uncanny timeless world, shiny gold, marble, and precious metallic textures alternate and merge with Sevdaliza's glossy, hypnotic vocals, the gorgeous 3D experience mirroring the tech-organic-net worlds of tomorrow's societies. “Our inspirations are usually quite broad, from bodily aesthetics, complex notions of beauty and gender fluidity to sleek corporate imagery, neoclassical art and sculpture,” Pussykrew explains.

Using 3D scanning technology as their primary tool, the duo generates a surreal journey into a 3D environment built of crisp recreations of Sevdaliza and thousands of rendered stills. "We have used two different consumer-grade scanning devices: Structure Sensor scanner for busts and full body scans, and Scanify from Fuel3D for the face scans and details,” Pussykrew adds. “It seems like these tools are becoming our capture devices, like in the past cameras [were] for shooting video.”

Making "That Other Girl," which premiered on i-D last week, was decidedly more time consuming and advanced, in terms of rendering quality, than the duo’s previous works. “Even though we do not tend to exactly mimic IRL with 3D imagery, we still wanna push it to a level where our surreal creations will be indistinguishable from the situations that could possibly happen in the 'real world,'” the directors conclude.

Watch "That Other Girl" below:

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