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Biological Leggings Are Pants Not Genes

Style's viral—literally—in Epidemia Designs' micrograph, CT scan, and x-ray-printed fashions.
April 13, 2015, 5:30pm
She's Got Brains (pattern created from image of brain cells). Images via

From cell phones covered in e.Coli to brain cell leggings, Epidemia Designs translates micrographs, CT scans, and x-rays of bacteria and cells into athletic gear and fashion accessories. The goal is to "tell the story of the amazing strength and beauty of the human body," but beyond fashioning people in the beauty of biology, the team aspires to impact a new generation: "We hope to inspire young people to develop interests in the sciences and pursue careers that will ultimately lead to the creation of the next great advances in science, medicine, and technology," they explain. Especially for young girls, they add.

In their newly launched Kickstarter, the team readies to launch a line of activewear leggings entitled "Shes Got It," featuring colorful visuals of brain, heart, and gut cells. In addition, Epidemia Designs plan to donate 15% of their profits to fund the research of preventable diseases and to providing access to healthcare for women and children all over the world.


Watch their Kickstarter video above and see some of Epidemia Designs' wares below:

Fibroblast Sports Bra

Muscle Cell Journal

Head over to Kickstarter to lend your support to Epidemia Designs.


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