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Here's the World’s Brightest Fabergé Egg

The giant 3D egg is so bright that it's visible even in daylight.
March 24, 2015, 6:30pm
Images courtesy of JUSTSO, via

Thanks to Fabergé, the future of jeweled eggs has never looked so bright. For their pre-Easter campaign at Harrods, the iconic jewelry firm enlisted the JUSTSO creative agency and Projection Artworks to design an interactive, virtual egg which shines at a brilliant 14,500 lumens per square meter. Controlled by shoppers on an interactive touch screen, the egg’s projection-mapped display cycles through ten seasonal Fabergé pendant designs. According to Tom Burch, Projection Artworks' managing director,  the egg’s “unprecedented brightness” makes it visible even in "high levels of ambient light."


The display spans across three windows, including a five-foot-tall 3D egg-shaped model and a scattering of suspended “shards,” that create the illusion that the egg is exploding with color. Projection Artworks engineered the egg by 3D scanning dozens of 360° photos of Fabergé pendants and rendering them in 16K HD at a hundred times the size. With bejeweled brilliance, the resultant, magnified Fabergé glows day in and day out “around 200 times brighter than a typical outdoor building projection.”

Below, the egg, in all its glory:

The Fabergé display will be on view until March 27th at Harrods. Read more about the project on both JUSTSO’s website and Project Artwork’s website.

Via AV Interactive


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