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This Is What You Get When You Put A Camera On A Car Tire

Thanks to one filmmaker, we're now privy to the perspective of some chrome rims.
July 28, 2014, 3:50pm

There's something hypnotic and zoetrope-ish about watching a car tire speed up in close detail. But what does the world look like from the tire's POV? With modern camera tech, clever filmmakers have offered the web some unique vantages, from videosinside dishwashers, on drones, to the innards of some savage beasts. And thanks to one filmmaker, we're now privy to the perspective of some chrome rims.

Filmmaker Ryan Fox taped a camera to the wheel of a car, going at about 45 miles per hour in an experiment called Sketch Three: Avant-Garde (R.P.M. 2). The short clip illustrates that if tires had consciousness, they'd be dizzy creatures, as everything they "see" is disorienting and surreally slurred. A line of streetlamps, for example, blends together into circular swirls of light, growing and morphing as the car shoots down the road. Other footage gives the impression of a laundry cycle going into warp speed.


Fox uploaded R.P.M. 2 to r/GoPro on Reddit, where it quickly spread to r/Videos and then the rest of the Internet. Interestingly, one person on r/ImageStabilization attempted to stabilize some of the video, making it somehow more surreal, as the real world blends in and out of the whirling light tunnel.

Watch the footage above, and check out some GIFs of the discombobulated tire vision below:

h/t r/GoPro


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