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More Amateur YouTube Musicians Become Samples In Kutiman's New Track

YouTube composer and mix-mastermind Kutiman's new track, "NO ONE IN THIS WORLD" has us anxiously awaiting his forthcoming full album, "Thru You Too."
September 24, 2014, 2:15pm

YouTube composer and mix-mastermind Kutiman may hold the keys to the future of music: using the same winning formula from his previous hits, including “Give It Up,” Kutiman intricately weaves various samples from amateur YouTube performances into groovy, moody composition, “NO ONE IN THIS WORLD.”

Kutiman’s experiments with crowdsourced sound began in 2009, which led to the creation of Thru You, his debut collection of YouTube compositions. In our our 2010 interview, the artist shared the fact that his creativity is born from beats: “I usually started with the drums. I’d type something like ‘funky drum groove’ into YouTube and sometimes the first video is perfect and sometimes I’d watch 50 different people playing drums in their living room before I found my loop.”


For “NO ONE IN THIS WORLD,” Kutiman brings a jazzy female acapella together with a saxophone, guitars, horns, and synths to build a soulful sonic tapestry. The result is a crooning crowdsourced collage, the kind we’ll be listening to on repeat until the release of Kutiman's full album, Thru You Too, on October 1.

For more of Kutiman's mixes and mashups visit his YouTube channel here.


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