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An Interactive Installation Lets You Manipulate Time and Space

Multimedia choreographers Adrien M and Claire B let audiences virtually explore the space between the real and virtual in ‘XYZT.’
April 26, 2016, 2:55pm
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The last we heard from multimedia choreographers Adrien M and Claire B, they’d just released a video spot for The Movement of Air, in which dancers manipulated a variety of projection-mapped tornadoes, smoke columns, and floating papers. In their latest video, which shows off their ever-expanding exhibition XYZT, the two artists show abstract landscapes across four dimensions—the horizontal (X), vertical (Y), depth (Z) and time (T).


“Four letters to describe the movement [of] a point in space, and to spread an imaginary territory,” Adrien M and Claire B say in the video description. “Mathematical paradoxes, typographical illusions, movement metaphors draw the landscapes in this exhibition.”

“Walk through a lush digital space, touch algorithms with your finger, feel light matter—[these] are just a few of the imaginary territories to explore,” they add. “Like a journey across a revisited nature. The coincidence between geometry and organic, real, and virtual.”

To that end, visitors to the XYZT exhibition at Le Palais de la Découverte, Paris were able to walk on virtual floors that reacted to their footsteps. They were also able to manipulate light particles on tabletop screens, see a luminous white trees disintegrate outside the exhibition, and peer into a glass boxes where virtual letters assembled and disassembled. From the looks of it, XYZT looked like a wonder to behold. A fusion of modern art installation and late 19th century illusionist spectacle.

XYZT - 2015 from Adrien M / Claire B on Vimeo.

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