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This Finger-Painted Music Video Is a Breath of Fresh Air

Animator Lauren Gregory used 20 pounds of oil paint to create the video for Elena Moon Park and Friends' "Anta Gata Doko Sa."
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Four years ago, Korean-American songstress Elena Moon Park and Friends dropped Rabbit Days and Dumplings, a celebration of children's songs from around East Asia. This year she's reviving a track called "Anta Gata Doko Sa," Japanese for, "Where Are You From?", as a music video by fingerpainting animator Lauren Gregory.

She and Park both grew up in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. When they were reunited in Brooklyn after 15 years, collaboration became a must. In an improvisational planning session, they came up with a playful story for "Anta Gata Doko Sa," about a girl who can roll into a ball, fly, and generally do whatever the hell she wants as she sings about greeting strangers in Japanese. "Working this way with children in mind really allowed me to cut from reality in a way that I normally don't. I felt totally untethered to logic and physics, and it was awesome. I wanna remember that feeling even when I'm working on stuff that is a little more NSFW," Gregory tells The Creators Project.


The three-minute video required 20 pounds of oil paint cut with vaseline, which she spreads on planes of glass in her playful stop-motion animations. Gregory's also applied her talents to music videos for Toro Y Moi, Bayonne, and Elderbrook, as well as her own personal short films and GIFs. Moon Park's rendition of "Anta Gata Doko Sa" is the soundtrack to letting yourself roll into a bouncy ball and float across the sea. Unplug and check out the video below:

See more of Lauren Gregory's work on her website, and learn more about Elena Moon Park here.


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