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Star Wars

This Is the Burlesque 'Star Wars' Parody You're Looking For

The iconic sci-fi characters get sexy.
Photo by Shannon Cottrell

A parody of a scantily-clad C-3PO, Storm Trooper, Darth Vader and more make the lineup of the LA-based Devil's Playground Burlesque's groundbreaking tribute to the Star Wars franchise. Staging performances since 2010, the first-ever "cosplay burlesque and cabaret" has continued to gain momentum with sold-out performances in LA and beyond.

Even before  Star Girls: The Original Star Wars Burlesque, Devil's Playground had its eye on the nerdier facets of pop culture, producing performances featuring live-action versions of characters from comic books and video games. Still, it's the Star Girls cast of 13 lady entertainers that put Devil's Playground on the map. Now, on the heels of the seventh installment of the Star Wars feature-film series, Devil's Playground is rolling out a brand-new production, appropriately titled Star Girls Vol. 2: The Force is a Shakin'.


"The new show features an on-point ballerina, rollerskating pole dancer, live guitarist, professionally trained dancers, award-winning pole champions, choreographers, [all] infused with tassle-twirling striptease queens," says Courtney Cruz, founder of Devil's Playground Burlesque and the mastermind behind Star Girls. Cruz says the new show is coming to multiple venues across California, but that her company is also looking for locations in Las Vegas and Phoenix as well.

"Sometimes we will be in a nightclub setting, while other performances will be a total VIP experience and include seating with dinner served in historical theaters," says Cruz. Star Girls is available for private events as well.

In the end, whatever the setting, Star Girls is way more than just a parody: it's an elaborate production that uses a nostalgic lens to filter a futuristic subject in a brilliant reinterpretation of iconic sci-fi characters by way of the classic bump 'n' grind.

Star Girls Vol. 2: The Force is a Shakin' make its debut at the Dragonfly in Hollywood on January 15, 2016. Star Girls: The Original Star Wars Burlesque comes to DNA Lounge in San Francisco on February 5, 2016 and in Fresno on February 6, 2016. Visit the official website for more info.


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