Fly Inside a Byzantine Church in this Breathtaking Drone Footage

Majestic video of a Byzantine church captured by a soaring drone camera.
June 11, 2016, 11:55am
Screencap via

In Modern English, Byzantine is typically used to describe something complex and detailed, usually in the bureaucratic sense. But the French drone filmmaking duo BigFly reminds viewers of the Byzantine era’s visual majesty with drone footage of the interior of Saint Louis Church in Paimboeuf, France in their video Byzantine.

BigFly once flew drone cameras high up along icy mountains, but the challenges for this shoot were considerably more complex. According to Fstoppers, the filmmakers, Guillaume Juin and Joris Favraud, had very little room to fly the drone. While Juin controlled the drone platform, Favraud operated the camera and gimbal. There was very little margin for error—one wrong move and they would crash the rig, damaging both the church and the camera drone.


Thanks to a great deal of skill, Juin and Favraud pulled it off. And the results are incredibly stunning. It’s hard to believe that two guys with a camera and a drone can pull off footage that equals anything Hollywood filmmakers put out.

To see more of BigFly’s work click, here.


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