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"High Is a Place" and This Dispensary Wants to Take You There

The aviation-themed Airfield Supply Company offers a first-class experience in the clouds.
Airfield Supply Company dispensary. Image courtesy of Airfield Supply Company

It often seems like an unwritten rule in dispensary branding requires an iconic green cross and an equally underwhelming name. With new businesses popping up anywhere legally possible, there are thankfully now dispensaries looking to break this mold and elevate their visual identities. With the influx of dispensaries in California, quality branding speaks of new highs.

Overlooking an airport landing strip in San Jose, California, this dispensary has a modern aviation theme and aesthetic. Similar to how aircrafts transport passengers to their destination of choice, the shop aims to help all patients arrive at their destination. “Airfield Supply Company is a blend of the best of cannabis culture and a lifestyle celebration of the golden era of aviation,” Executive Director Marc Matulich tells The Creators Project. “We believe that ‘High is a Place,’ and Airfield is exists to take you there.”


Airfield Supply Company dispensary lobby window. Image courtesy of Airfield Supply Company

“I feel that Airfield is a symbol of change within the cannabis industry and represents a maturing of the market,” Matulich continues. “Dispensaries are no longer underground communities. As laws become more progressive, more people enter the market and raise the standards of consumer expectation.”

All of the anticipated streamlining that you expect with airline services, Airfield delivers. (Minus, of course, the TSA.) Matulich explains, “We used salvaged airplane materials for installation pieces and airport benches for seating in the lobby. Our designer, Sam Jorden from Potluck Creative, not only helped design our brand identity and packaging, but also brought brand elements into the interior design. Sam designed the runway markings in the dispensing room floor.”

Airfield Supply Company dispensary. Image courtesy of Airfield Supply Company

In terms of color selection and brand identity, Matulich went through a collaborative process with his wife and marketing/brand consultant, Chris Lane, to nail the aesthetic. He says, “Our focus was to create a lifestyle brand that conveyed a sense of artisanal craftsmanship and attention to detail. I wanted to move away from the purple and green colors the market is saturated with. We selected yellow and grey as our primary colors for a few reasons. To me, yellow represents positivity and new beginnings as well as the sun, which is, of course, important in our grow process.”

Matulich anchored the iconography of the shop around aviation culture with subtle references to cannabis. He worked to incorporate industry taglines like First Class, Business Class, Economy Plus, and Economy to connote price points. Every last detail is accounted for in making it a holistic experience. He says, “All of our strains have a three-letter abbreviation on the package, similar to the three-letter codes that airports use. We also offer a Mileage Reward program for our regular patients. It’s fun, but it also means something for us.”


Airfield Supply Company dispensary lobby. Image courtesy of Airfield Supply Company

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