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Business Wetsuits Are Perfect for the Office and Beach

Quiksilver Japan's True Wetsuit collection is the perfect thing to shred your paycheck on.
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Work is keeping you underwater and your boss is a shark—thrash that seersucker and reserve some boardroom for yourself with True Wetsuits from Quiksilver Japan, the business wetsuit for the sartorial surfer. Choose from Office SmartCasual Friday, or Party Tuxedo, three style options for you to dress up in before you barrel down on those TPS reports you've been putting off all weekend. Each retails for around $2,500, which is a little more than overhead for Johnny Utah's salary, but with a neoprene two-piece, a Moleskine-style cell phone protector, and even a special pen that sends an "I'm going to be late" email to your important contacts, it's an investment in your next big break.


Learn more about Quiksilver Japan's True Wetsuits here.

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