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This Digital Sculpture is Crawling with Simulated Life Forms

"Still Life with Yumyums" offers a peek into a world infested with digital organisms.
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Remember the scene in Men in Black II where Tommy Lee Jones opens a locker and there's an entire species living inside? That's basically the situation in Theo Trian's new digital artwork, Still Life with Yumyums. A floating surface decked out with a hamster wheel, a giant banana, a phone, and a mysterious pile of ooze serves as the home of the Yumyums. Yumyums are a species of tiny, obnoxiously meowing digital creatures that, as Trian puts it, "eat, shit and rest, but their sole purpose in this miniature world is to reproduce and evolve."


Throughout the eight-minute video, the Yumyums shuffle around, move stuff, and occasionally blow stuff up, yapping all the while. One imagines that, if there's a God, this is how she views our political debates.

While eight minutes seems like a long time to watch these strange creatures living their normal lives, it's just a small segment of a theoretically infinite simulaiton. Infinite, at least, "until the yumyums manage to escape the simulation," Trian notes. Cackle like a deity as you watch the full video below.

Check out more of Theo Trian's work on his website.


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