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Peter Bradley Adams Has a Little Something For All Those Regrets You Have Lying Around

A soundtrack for reflecting on all your mistakes? Sign me up.

Life is hard. Sometimes you just want to listen to something soft and soothing, preferably that goes well with reflecting on how hard life is, how badly you messed up, and whatever it is you did. Peter Bradley Adams has something for that. With his atmospheric Americana style and vocals that never get louder than a whisper, A Face Like Mine is perfect early-morning listening. It's a somber reflection on a life lived without intent; Definitely don't listen to this if you're currently reeling from making a mistake (or definitely listen to it, if reveling in your faults is something you like to do).


A Face Like Mine is Adams' seventh album, a more relaxed and flawed followup to his 2014 album The Mighty Storm. According to Adams, he made the conscious decision to be less obsessed with the album's overall production and instead let the songs speak for themselves. Sounds like it paid off.

A Face Like Mine is out April 21.