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The MPAA Killed Another Movie Torrent Site

YTS is gone for good, despite imitators claiming to be the real deal.
Rachel Pick
New York, US

Carve another headstone for the graveyard of torrent sites: YTS and the associated torrent release group YIFY have been permanently dismantled by the Motion Picture Association of America. YTS was a public movie piracy site that offered a variety of reliable torrents, and YIFY was the group that created and released its torrents. Imitators are beginning to pop up to try to fill the void left behind and snap up traffic from confused former YTS users, but as as TorrentFreak reportsreports, all of these sites are fake.


TorrentFreak warns readers off the fake YTS sites, and also says to look out for fake YIFY torrents in the coming months. YIFY was a torrenting powerhouse, sharing over 6,000 titles since it came to be in 2010. Their torrents also supplied several forks of Popcorn Time.

Imitators are likely not malicious, just copycats who won't deliver the same quality. But, as TorrentFreak points out, "if a site can't make it on its own merits and is prepared to mislead now, who's to say what other tactics it will employ when it has a nice unsuspecting userbase on board."

The YTS site went down about two weeks ago, but its permanent demise wasn't confirmed until October 30, with the MPAA taking credit for this takedown as well as the recent end of Popcorn Time, another popular movie torrent site.

The takedown of YTS is just another reminder that when it comes to torrent sites, it's best not to get too attached. Death comes for us all.