Listen to French Punks Pierre & Bastien Kick Some Derrière

Their name may sound like some hip cafe but the music drives hard with buzzy melody.
December 22, 2016, 9:59pm

Paul Jimenes, Baptiste Nollet and Frédéric Trux are three Frenchmen who play a buzzy and bratty form of pop under the name Pierre & Bastien. From Orleans, on banks of the Loire, they produce a music that takes in elements of Wire, the twitching jitters of Parquet Courts and a sense of dense melody.

Take a listen to the track "Bon à Rien" from their upcoming album Musique Grecque to get a sense of their skittish harmony. Translated to 'good for nothing', it's a song that involves just two guitars and a pretty simple drum kit but produce an intense pop feel.


We had a quick chat to Baptiste to find out more about the band.

Noisey: You started as a duo with a drum machine. Will you ever go back to it?
Baptiste Nollet: No way. Frédéric has brought us a lot – his metal thing on which he plays, his sense of pulse and his sense of humour (though we don't know which one of these senses is the more developed). He composes the songs with us. Actually Paul and I are now wondering how long it will last before the drummer fire them.
Who is your favourite French punk band of all time?
Early Bérurier Noir or Komintern Sect.

You recently played with Uranium Club and I can hear some similarities in the Wire like guitar style. Did you get to hang out with them?
They played a great show in a packed venue. Their tight, minimalist Devo-ish touch was really powerful. They have great records as well. They are nice guys, unfortunately we didn't get to hang out with them as they had to leave Paris right after the show to reach Stockholm the following day.

Is your song "Mitterrand" about the former President of France and the guy behind the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior.
Yes! It's about how you feel when you are 13 and Mitterrand is the only President of France you've known. Then he dies of prostate cancer, so you're sad. Then you hear he was involved in far right movements in his youth and he also had a daughter with another woman than his wife, which is bad. But this is France, so it's a part of yourself.

'Musique Grecque' is available Jan 20 on SDZ.