The Best of the Best at Bestival Toronto's Fancy Dress
Photo by Issa Shah


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The Best of the Best at Bestival Toronto's Fancy Dress

Lions and centaurs and drag queens—oh my!
June 16, 2015, 4:10pm

Part of the allure behind Rob da Bank's British music festival, Bestival, is the dress code. "Fancy Dress" is a British term for costuming and it has become a pivotal aspect to the already eccentric, DIY festival. Bestival made its international premiere earlier this month on Hanlan's Point and debuted its fancy dress code along with it. While this may have stumped the typical neon tank wearing folks, thousands of Canadians jumped on board and did so quite successfully. Even with the unanticipated accessory of a poncho, attendees suited up (or down) and embodied their very own version of Bank's "escapism." THUMP traipsed around Hanlan's Point all weekend and collected a few of the homemade, handpainted concoctions on site.


Ah, the versatility. Russian matryoshka doll costumes that double as rainproof ponchos.

Mermaids, seapunks, subculture mainstreamers—you be the judge.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Mr. pizza roll?

Mr. Tumnus made his summer body in the winter.

The animal kingdom gets a hair metal album cover.

Post-wedding family photos.

Voila, The True Blue Love Crew. These 'hostesses'-with-the-mostests look and feel better than you did all weekend.

Woody, the Evil Queen, and an unidentified jester attempt midafternoon selfies.

The effortlessness of snake scarves.

What do you think about dad bods, now?

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All photos are by Issa Shah.